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There is a bike for everyone and we offer a varied range of them at our showroom. Coupled with our fantastic range of products is our specialist knowledge and customer service which ensures that you walk (or ride) away 100% satisfied.

Rigid & Front Suspension


Full Suspension


29er Bikes

Mountain bikes only evolved about 30 years ago, and inevitably a lot of them never see a real mountain. But their strong frame construction, big tyres and easy going ride position means they’re a good option for anyone planning to ride rough terrain.With a big range of rigid and front suspension bike from beginners all the way up to professional riders such as Nino Schurter. With top makes Scott, Whyte, Marin, Barracuda, GT, Probike, Dawes. Starting price £129.99
Full suspension bikes with a ‘Trail’ label are designed for harder hitting terrain than bikes with an ‘Cross Country’ (‘XC’) label, while bigger terrain bikes sub-divide with tags like ‘All Mountain’ or ‘Freeride’, usually with enough gears to allow you to ride back uphill again. Purist gravity bikes are made for downhill racing or lift-fed mountain terrain, so they’re hard work elsewhere. But above all, full suspension bikes always boost the fun factor.With a big range of full-suspension bikes such as cross-country, trail, downhill and free ride bikes just like the famous Athertons Family which ride the GT Fury, Brendan Fairclough riding the new 2013 Scott Gambler. Top brands Scott, GT, Mongoose, Marin, Whyte, Saracen. Starting from £299.
An increased ability to roll over obstacles. With larger wheel can clear rocks, roots, steps and badgers more easily thanks to the reduced striking angle. Basically, on a 29er you can roll over a rock with less effort and less lost speed than on a 26″ mountain bike.Thanks to the greater diameter of your wheels, they have a much greater angular momentum than their smaller 26″ counterparts. If you’re big, bigger wheels will suit you better. An higher feeling of stability. Many people claim that putting 29ers on a bike increases it’s stability, feeling a lot less twitchy than the equivalent 26″. . Wide range of bikes from Scott, Whyte, Marin and Dawes. Pricing from £475.




BMX Bikes


Triathlon / Racing Bikes

Go for a hybrid if you want to get some of the best bits of mountain and road bikes all in one package. With an upright, comfortable and stable riding position, hybrids also give an efficient experience on roads – meaning they are the obvious choice for urban commuters. Hybrid bikes also often have the capability of taking on some light off-road duties, so they are a good starting point for the casual rider who may not need the performance extremes of mountain or road bikes, but wants to keep a foot in both camps. With all the top makes such as Dawes, Whyte, Marin, Scott. From Beginners to Professional Riders. Starting from £250
Starting in the 70s, BMX has evolved into one of the most vibrant forms of cycling for the 21st Century. With five main disciplines in the sport, there is something for everyone in BMX. While its birth was in racing, BMX also caters for those who prefer the urban scene, by catching air at the ramps, or learning street skills with flatland tricks. Just get out there and enjoy it. We have a huge selection of bmx from 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″. With all the top brands such as Haro, We the people, Mongoose, GT, Diamondback, Social, Cuda and many more. Starting from £159.99.
Swim, ride, run. A specialist triathlon bike will help you save some energy for the final gruelling phase. Aerodynamic, with a riding position which is set up to work your quad muscles, a tri bike gives your hamstrings less of a hammering before the run to the finish line. Whatever your level of competition from beginers to profesional. We have a wide range of time trial or triathlon bikes, from entry-level aero-framed models to give you enough of an edge, to the highest specification carbon fibre, electronic-shift pro-level choices from top brands like Scott and Moda. Starting at £999.99






Women’s Bikes

Two’s company so what better way to get out and about than on a tandem. Tandem riding continues to grow in popularity as people come to realize the joy of riding together. There uniquely designed frames give excellent lateral stiffness and a wide range of sizing opportunities. So share a workload and start enjoying outdoor life on a Dawes tandem. Starting at £799.99
If you are looking for a work horse to carry you from end of a country to the other, then this is the range for you. Touring bikes are a Dawes speciality and there Galaxy is world renowned for its quality and reliability. They use the finniest components and top drawer alloy, chromoly and Reynold’s steel frames for all the touring range to ensure peace of mind on your cycle holiday. Starting from £599.99
Women’s bikes offer the most versatility you can find on two wheels. We have a big range of women’s bikes, from ridged to front suspension for control and a traditional rear end for simplicity and weight saving. We bring the best from top brands such as Whyte, Scott, Marin, Dawes, Barracuda. Starting from £129.99




Kid’s Bikes


Trikes, Unicycles and Trailers

For the smoothest way to get around on a bike, try a Cruiser Bike. It is ideal for use as a Beach Cruiser for riding along the coast or as an Urban Cruiser for a funky bike ride in the city. With a cruiser bike from Ridelow, you can pop into your local coffee shop or pick up groceries with an added smile on your face. Cruiser bikes are very popular with men and women alike due to their striking design and ease of ride and you can also customise them with a whole host of Cruiser Bike Parts and Accesories. Top brands like schwinn and Electra. They start from £369.99.
Get your little ones off to the perfect start in their life in the saddle with a quality girl’s or boy’s bike.W stock everything from balance bikes, mountain bikes and tricycles to allow pre-school children to find their balance on simplified designs, through slowly increasing wheel sizes. This choice allows us to get exactly the right size for your child – meaning they have more control and more confidence in these formative experiences. With a selection of 12in wheelers, through 14in, 16in, 20in and 24in, there will be the ideal fit for your young one, along with junior road bikes for those who are on the cusp of adult sizing. Starting from £84.99
Balancing on two wheels isn’t for everyone, so why not try the stability and security of a three-wheeler? Adult tricycles are perfect for shopping or leisure cycling, and can be fitted with large, sturdy baskets, luggage racks and cargo containers. They’re also well-suited to small businesses, for delivering, carrying tools and equipment, and acting as an eco-friendly alternative to a small van or car. Choose from a classic three-speed set up or more advanced seven-speed derailleur gears. With our Best make Mission they start from £499.99


Electric Bikes




Penny Boards

An electric bike, also known as an e-bike, is a bike with an electric motor used to power the vehicle, they do a maximum speed of 15mph, with gents frame to ladies frame, wheel size of 20″-28″, folding bikes. Top brands such as Fast4ward, Izip and Powa-byke. Starting from £699.
Grit Scooters is a new brand to emerge from the extreme scooter riding scene in Australia, quickly becoming one of the fastest growing scooter brands in the world. Grit Scooters offers a range of complete Grit Scooters, as well as parts and accessories that can be mixed and matched with other scooter brands on the market.Grit Scooters incorporate the latest in computer aided design techniques and constant feedback from its team riders around the world to produce some of the most advanced complete scooters and custom scooter parts on the market. Using only the highest grades of raw materials, Grit Scooters design and manufacturing is constantly improving to ensure that Grit products stay at the forefront of extreme scootering.Whatever your budget, discipline or style, Grit has the scooter to fit your need. Make Grit Scooters your weapon of choice. From £69.99
The Original Penny rides in a way that is completely unlike anything else. Portable, Fun, Irresistible. Skateboarders love the Original. since day one they released a larger board into there collection to fill the cruiser needs